Washing your car regularly is simple routine maintenance which helps to remove dirt, grime and debris; making the car presentable and in good condition. Claying and waxing your car however, keeps it in show room condition for many years to come as claying removes any grime build up that remains after washing the car but cannot be seen with the naked eye. A clay bar removes such grime, rust, or dirt build up leaving the car as smooth as glass and looking new. Applying polish on the car after using a clay bar on it will really add the shine to it and make the paint pop.

Waxing can be done once a year or after every three months depending on the kind of wax used while using a clay bar on a car can be done once every four to five years without any need for re-claying. Below is a step by step guide that you can use to wash clay and wax your car on your own. You will get to save some money and even get to enjoy the whole process.

Gather all the Materials You Will Require

You will need a bucket of warm water, car soap, washing sponges, Piped water and a hose, some wax and some pieces of clay bar. All these supplies are easily found in regular stores. You can as well use kitchen soap instead of car soap as it is even stronger than car soap.

Wash the Car

Pour some soap into the bucket and add in water to mix it well and to bring out the lather. Wash the car thoroughly by hand using a smooth and well lathered sponge. Don’t forget to wash the wheels as well as the whole body of the car. Hose the car to remove the lather and rinse it, then dry it partially using a clean smooth towel.

Scrub the Car Using Your Clay Bar

A clay bar comes in two pieces. Remove your clay and split it into two pieces. This way, if you drop one and it falls to the ground, you can simply throw it away and use the other part. Do not reuse a clay bar after it has fallen to the ground to avoid scratching and damaging your car with rocks or sand that the clay bar must have trapped when it fell.

Spray the car a bit and use the clay bar to scrub all scrub making sure to keep track of your progress so that you can cover more surface area faster. Move on only when the surface of the car feels smooth and you can no longer hear any sound when you scrub. Make sure to clay bar the front bumper last as this is the area that mostly collects a lot of grime and dirt. Rewash the car, dry it off, and leave it for fifteen minutes.

Apply the Wax

Put some wax on a sponge and add a light coat to your car paint using strips instead of circular motions in order to avoid causing swirls later on. Apply the wax of every inch of the car and then wait for fifteen minutes before buffing it off and polishing your car using a smooth towel or piece of cloth. One single layer of wax can protect your car for at least a year before needing another coat. Waxing acts as additional protection and protects your cars paint.

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