A car with properly aligned wheels is safer to drive and performs better on the road than one which is not properly aligned. Proper alignment minimizes tread wear and also improves drivers and passenger comfort. Wheel alignment also enhances safety on the road and it can help you avoid some emergencies. So what causes misalignment?

Misalignment can occur as a result of driving on a rough terrain, over potholes, when the suspension components are worn out or after being replaced and even after an accident which may cause the suspension in your vehicle to become misaligned. The following are some of the telltale indications that your car may have an alignment problem and needs to be checked.

Uncontrolled Left or Right Pulling

If you notice that your car is randomly swerves to the right or the left when you are driving without you turning the steering, this should be a cause for concern. A car should be able to drive straight ahead especially if you are driving on a smooth road. Random veering off the road may cause you to hit another vehicle or object and lead to an emergency.

An Unstable Steering Wheel

To drive straight, the steering wheel should be at an upright angle and the logo on your steering wheel should be perfectly horizontal. However, if you have to hold your steering wheel at a position when you are driving straight ahead, it is time to have your car’s alignment checked and corrected. This is a sign that you may be having a serious wheel alignment issue and you should take it to a professional auto mechanic.

Irregular Wheel Wear

Misalignment usually causes premature wear and tear on the tires. It is important to check your tires regularly for any uneven tread wear and tear. If you notice that your tires are unevenly worn out, it is important to have them checked to avoid further uneven wear which could mean replacing your tires all too soon. Replacing tires is expensive and should only be done when the tires are worn out but if the wearing out is premature, you may find yourself unnecessarily having to spend a lot more on tire replacement costs than you would have done had you taken better care of them.

Problems Turning the Steering Wheel

When you turn your steering wheel to the left or right, it should not be difficult to turn it back around so if you notice that your steering wheel feels sluggish and you have to use a lot of effort or to turn or return the steering wheel, it is time to have your car checked for wheel alignment issues.

A shaking Steering Wheel

The final clue that you may be having a serious misalignment issue is a shaking steering wheel even when you are driving on a perfectly smooth road. Have it checked.

If you notice that your car may be misaligned, it is important to have it checked and corrected as soon as possible by qualified automobile mechanics to avoid losing money on tire replacement costs as a result of premature wear and tear. You will also get to drive more comfortably and safely on the road.

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